Kristin Gulledge
Kristin Gulledge graduated last December (2012) with an Illustration BFA from BYU, with an emphasis in concept art for animation. In addition to painting, she has spent the past year freelancing in graphic design and photography. She is excited to show at the Health and Justice Building as part of Provo's First Friday Art Chase, her fourth art show so far this year.

I play with the idea of a drawing as a finished work of art. In my paintings, I try to leave some areas unfinished; I enjoy seeing a piece of art where the viewer can point out where the artist laid down the first stroke and just left it there, while other areas are thick with layers of paint.

I am most passionate about various aspects of people--psychologically and physically--which is likely why I paint them most. Words have always been my secret allies; when I have trouble expressing a concept in an image, I can usually first explain it in words. Thus, writing guides my art about the human experience and I enjoy creating the imagery by incorporating texture, metal leaf, and typography.

Arguably, my favorite part of art-making is interacting with others through art. I love the conversations that images bring up in a language understood by all. I’m working out my career, but no one said it better than Picasso: “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
Kristin Gulledge
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