Artell Harris
Artell Harris.grew up hunting and fishing with his family in Idaho, and declares that he “always loved nature.” Artell puts his passion for the outdoors into his paintings, and since 1968 he has been conveying that love through his artwork.

Harris found painting to be a relaxing hobby when he was a building contractor for 30 years. Over this period, landscape oils became a passion, and whenever the opportunity provided itself, you would find him “out and about” in nature capturing his favorite spots. Not only does he paint panoramic scenes such as the Grand Canyon or the Grand Tetons; he is also drawn to those serendipitous scenes which can happen within 100 feet of you, such as a clear mountain stream with its multitude of colors and reflections. This is what he considers “The cubby holes of nature.”

As an artist, one of Artell’s goals is to paint oil landscapes so that the art enthusiast will be reminded of places they would love to visit, memories from their childhood, or where they have been on vacation. “I would like people to appreciate my paintings for the feelings they invoke.”
Artell Harris
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