Jeff Johnson
I was blessed to be raised by parents that enjoyed the outdoors. Their love rubbed off on me through many days spent hiking and camping together. My father gave me a camera at a young age and helped me learn the basics of using it and the black and white darkroom. I enjoyed trying to record the places I had been, but my images seemed a poor representation of my experiences. Years later I realized the missing ingredient in my photographs was the emotion I felt while being there recording that image. Since then I have tried to bring back the emotional as well as the visual impact of the places I have been.

I am inspired by the beauty of the world we live in. Sometimes that beauty just slaps me in the face. Many times I have to search for it. Through my photography I try to share not only the beauty of the landscape, but to help the viewer experience the emotional impact of being there. The use of color, lines, and contrasting elements helps me achieve this. I spend most of my photographic energy in shooting landscapes, but also do wildlife and anything else that catches my eye.

I think it is important to preserve the wild and wonderful places in our world. By helping people appreciate them more and feel an emotional connection to them I hope to kindle that goal in others. When someone who views one of my images says, “It makes you want to jump into the picture.” I believe I am on the right track to accomplish that goal.

Artist Biography
Jeff Johnson was trained as a scientist and a physician, but somewhere along that road he discovered that he was an artist as well. This came about in large part due to his love of the outdoors and being unsatisfied with the photographs he took there. His desire to share the visual wonders of our world and the feelings they provoke prompted him to attend a number of workshops and classes. He gives much credit for his success to those he has traveled and photographed with. In the end you learn photography by doing photography. He spends most of his photographic energy doing landscapes of the western United States, but travels as much as possible to other locales and does wildlife and other forms of photography as well. His work is owned by several businesses and private collectors. More of his work is available on his web site.
Jeff Johnson
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